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How far is hotel JP resort from Mandarmani seabeach and if you have any idea about the hotel… please tell me

Ans: 10 km
I need hotel for my family members 4 Adults from 10th Oct to 11th October. Please suggest any hotel on beach side.

Ans: Call UsHow far is sea beach from Ajay Minar hotel?

Ans : visit our site or 0.5 km
How is the hotel sonar bangla and how much is it far from beach and city ?

Ans: 250-300 its 16km contact us
what is the distance from chaulkhola bus stand to candlewood resort? what are the convinience we can get from there?

Ans: 11km Toto auto book by us
How far is Mandarmani from Digha station?

Ans: 100 one person when change bus
What is the distance between digha to mandarmani?

Ans : wowow
From chawlkhola bus stand, how far hotel Sonar Bangla? And cost?

Ans: visit our site
How far is blooming star guest house from the beach?

ans : 0.2km
What is the distance from mandarmani bus stop to sun city resort and what conveyance is available for that?

Ans: 16km
how far the cottage from sea beach

Ans Don’t knowwhich railway station is near mandarmoni

Ans ashapurna devihow to reach from digha to mandermoni?

Ans bus or book a car or auto or call us bookingHow far the sea beach from the hotel??

Digha auto booking

how far is the resort from Chaulkhola?

Chaulkhola is 10-12 km away from Mandarmani. Just remember one thing, if you get off at Chaulkhola, don’t book cars as they will charge around 600 to 700 to go to Mandarmani. There are big auto runs on the route. It takes Rs30 per head and max 20 minutes to reach Mandarmani. Make sure you have sufficient cash in hand. Bcoz there is only one atm available at Mandarmani which gets empty pretty fast. Next is 10 km away

It’s 16 kms from Chaulkhola. Needs 25/30 mints to reach by car. The road condition is okay .

  • It’s near the beach..little bit inside area of Mandarmani ,not to far from Sea shore..It’s approx 12-14 km from Chailkhola

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